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Diagonally Twisted 1 year ago
Janine had the best body in porn in the 90s long before the tattoos. When she was still married and doing the girl girl only thing. HAF. If you want some great older vintage of her, try finding her lesbian scenes with Jenteal. It was great seeing her doing a more traditional hc porn, but I do appreciate her earlier lesbian scenes.
Zedder 1 year ago
I always wondered why she left the scene... she was insatiably popular and in high demand, so i know money wasn't the issue...
Fatcockindian 1 year ago
I’ve always wanted to fuck her so hard and motorboat those huge tits and suck her nipples
88cdee 1 year ago
That second girl better ong
nikkiscott 3 months ago
I got so horny i had anal sex. with a toy by myself
Mr.bokep 1 year ago
This movie is so good I like to watch it. Thank you
SC Fan 9 months ago
That last scene in the shower. I always wished the ink had stopped right there. Her body and choice. I worked with a girl that favored her. That drove me a little insane at times and I think she knew she drove me insane. haha
4 months ago
Name of the blonde with the tattoo
My wife and I 1 month ago
Saw Janine with the dirt bag jesse.
She was looking beautiful.
So my loving jacket me off in the car. Encouraging me to think about her.
2 weeks ago
Janine was ALWAYS a favorite of mine AND my wife's. For my wife, Janine was her ultimate girl/girl fantasy, and for me, Janine was MY ultimate Lesb/male fantasy. My wife would fantasize about Janine being in front of her while I railed my wife from behind. Her pillow was wetter than the pussy I was TRYING to keep up with.THANK YOU, Janine, for all that you did for us in our young marriage. My memories are well over 20 yrs. old, but I still get ROCK HARD thinking of those days.